Why you need to have high “Outcome Independent” Level

Right now, the purpose of this Blog is guiding you to follow true Alpha Male path, which doesn’t correct anymore nowadays. Especially when you’re being indoctrinated day by day by mainstream society.

I read a lot about them and only want to share them, especially when my language still limited. I provide these contents to creating my own value


Nothing can withstand me to follow exactly this mission. I state it and implement it no matter what. That’s mean I am able to conquer my fear. Using all of my abilities just to write this blog, and less worrying about the result.

The good mindset is, I’m not taking bad results personality. I just take action, do it anyway, freely to set up my plans and not concern about the possible bad situation. This good mindset called “Outcome independent”

What is Outcome Independent

As I said before, Outcome Independent just doesn’t worry about a result and do it anyway. We just think about the situation and what we have to do simple (Doesn’t mean we intend to do something crazy) and in the action phrase, we do it without any doubt. Just relax, grounded and without any fear of rejection.

For example, when you in a gym center and you find one gorgeous girl. She has a very hot body and looks high-value. Instead of overthinking what to say to impress her, imagine a situation when her boyfriend nearby can kick your ass. Just ignore any bad outcome and come to say “Hi” in a polite way.

I bet most guy nowadays cannot do it, they rely too much on which is the best timing to approach, or what is the smartest way to say. They state a lot of “what if…” then walk away with full of regret or excuse inside.

When you possess high outcome independent, all of this stuff below doesn’t make any sense. You just come and say “Hi” without any expectation of good result.

You focus on each moment of this approach, want to explore her instead of trying to impress her and earn her good point. And without any worrying, You’re now free.

How to achieve Outcome Independent

Below are qualities to master in order to achieve it


Making a timeline, state your routine, command your brain to get out of laziness and procrastinate. You will be confident when you healthier, stronger both mentally and physically.

Workout at a gym, running, participate in the boxing club. Meditate frequently and make yourself calmly and grounded. Once you success to develop your confidence, you’re now sharp enough.

Stop Overthinking

Using your mind properly, not to imagine a bad situation, which you not sure it happens or not. You can analyze a situation and predict what possibility happen, but don’t let it disturb and scare you to not take action.

Our brain is programming to resist all of the things which outside of your comfort zone. And sometimes, it emphasizes a bad result too much. So be aware of it and don’t take it personally.

One more thing to control is how to do. Actually, thinking too much won’t help you, but hurt you. Be simple, straight to a point, easy to understand is the best.

For example, when approaching a girl, you can think about a smart way to do it. But no need to delay for half an hour of thinking to say a thing. Maybe just a small talk with full of expression is enough to help. Overthinking just waste of your time.

Develop an abundance mindset

I’ve learned it from M* (Matt Cross), he said nothing in the world is scarcity. All of them are plentiful, money, cars, houses, girls, opportunities. So why you have to worry about losing just one thing when you can go out there and get thing eventually better.

You only like one girl, Don’t make me laugh. I guarantee in a specific moment you will like another and feel an existing one is boring as hell.

Always Outreach your comfort zone

Make a decision from today on, always seeing fearful things (which good for you) are challenges. Live a warrior life, conquer it more often. You will feel awkward, paranoid for the first time, but just do it anyway.

For example, lifting heavier weights frequently (ask your friend to support you). Approach beautiful girls more often.

Never state one specific place to stop, you can rest, but don’t stop. Outreach your comfort zone from today on till the end of your life.

I guarantee you will feel different, feeling of alive inside.

About the Author David Nguyen

Passions with self-improving, Fitness, Meditating, Dating and Game. Always want to share knowledge and information about these fields

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