How to Flirt with a girl: Push and Pull technique

How to Flirt with a Girl: Push and Pull

Hi, how about you,

Today I will share with you very useful technique which I use frequently. This technique named Push and Pull. It goes deeply into woman psychology and she will feel attracted to you immediately if you do it right.

In order to succeed with women, you need to master some useful techniques

On the other hand, if your frame not strong enough. You haven’t toughness enough to stand behind her comfortable, it will become robotically and creepy as hell.

Push and Pull can be defined similarly to “Play hard to get” technique. You never treat her easier and smoothly, adding some conflict, what you don’t like and what you think, rather on be nice.

Push doesn’t mean “negative” or pushing someone away. It’s simply to add some funny comment about what ‘s going wrong, not offending women and try to become her lecturer.

how to flirt with a girl

Being Nice or Neutral will lose your attraction instantly Source:

For example, you don’t compliment her about her look but find something funny relates to her (sexually better) and talk to her in a funny way. Make sure “Funny” is about a double meaning jokes without humiliating or too aggressive.

One thing that most guys scared of using this Pushing because of they afraid she will react negatively to them. In the worst scenario, she will feel hurt, reject and simply leave. A threat of rejection eventually bigger than try to be nice. But understand, if you don’t keep her interest raise, she will feel bored very soon.

Pulling is give her reliable compliment, but don’t make it flowery.For example, you discover something interesting about her and just demonstrate to her what is your point. When you push her bad enough and pull her to you, it makes your pulling become her reward.

Actually, this is a technique that most beautiful women apply on men if they realize you interested in them. You try to be nice, pursue them but always cannot reach them. They will reject you more often but never forget to pull you when you have a sign of giving up. As women, they want to attract other men, make he become their satellite.

So always remember to apply push and pull technique during a conversation with women. Play hard to get, be consistent and congruent, natural. Let her know you are a big deal, not easy to follow any of her offers. Become her challenge to not make everything easy at the beginning, and then reward her with smart, positively compliment. Actually, you let her fall down first and then raise her up, make her feel about you become fluctuation and unpredictable, it will make an attraction of you raise like sky-rocking.


To summary, Push and Pull tactic help you to add many advantages to your dating game. Firstly, It makes you become “Play hard to get” person, control all over your thought about her and of course never depend on her look. You know when to let her fall down for you, and when to reward her. Women are interested in a dominant person, so that’s why it benefits you. Secondary, It changes her feeling very drastically and helps you to be unpredictable, this is one of the most important trails to build your attraction.

However, using the Pushing technique in the right way is always a thing you have to take a time to practice and master. Let’s approach girl more frequently and you will realize soon which is the perfect “Pushing”. Whenever you master it, you will no longer hesitate to answer a question: How to Flirt with a Girl, be a man with frame and his own quality.

Find something in women you cannot agree with it to show your perspectives, then give her reward with something you choose is her advantages. Simple but very effectively


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Coach T says November 21, 2017

Great info bro. I will definitely put this on my site. it sure is push and pull.

    David Nguyen says November 21, 2017

    Thank to hear your comment, I also find useful information on your site as a reference to improve my content as well.

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