Why you need to make pick up lifestyle


Hi fellas, no matter what you think, pick up always a great skill you need to master in order to get on well with kind of girl you want to settle with. Let’s list out some of pick up’s benefits so you can do it every day

It boosts your confidence

It’s weird to advance someone to be confident only by pretending themselves. It also needs to train and build and maintain every day. Imagine life is long term battle, which can be challenging each day. And pick up can help your confidence so much by extending your comfort zone.

When you pick up enough amount of woman, I’m sure that you’re truly confident with yourself. More specifically, you know exactly what to say, which paths of conversation are good, how to spark attraction using body language and passing-touch(A touching only about 1, 2 seconds on her hair, waists, or hand just to build intimate)

Nothing better than study yourself to have the right direction, then practice hell a lot. Like learning an instrument, stick with the basic(for a less amount of time) then spend tons of them to practice(or actually do it)

Increasing your testosterone indirectly

Nothing hurt your testosterone like feeling like a loser when comes to pick-up, you become go-getter, come and attract women you like, or at least, make a conversation to interrupt boring scenes.

Believe or not, when you’re joining the battle of pickup, your daring encourage your body to be more challenging, more competing, which indirectly to increasing your testosterone.

Get laid more often – which improve your women’s life

One of the most important aspects of being a man is women and SEX. In order to avoid serious disorders, you need to have sex very often. In “Unchained Man”, Caleb Jones compare men with a motorbike – which have 2 wheels and engine. No matter how strong an engine is, a motorbike tends to stop if 1 or 2 wheels missing. And one of two wheels is your woman and sex’s life(Another one is financial life). An Engine can be compared with your appearances, your hobbies, your communication skill which can impress girls a lot.

Start to consider pick-up is your lifestyle

Women are fun and cute creatures to get on well with, both of your hormones and physical say so, so don’t go opposite of your natural desire. Don’t chase girl, attract them, provide your values, practice pick-up every day. This is a skill which not only good for your woman life but also every aspect of your life including

  • Conversation skill especially with completely strangers
  • Frame-controlling, which help you say no when necessary, build up your attraction level which can benefits you a lot
  • To perform good pick-up, you also need to get more money, invest in how you look, physical appearance. You now not hesitate to develop a good posture and body language
  • Stronger mindset, which can explore further of your comfort zone and get out of your laziness, boring lifestyle
  • ….

Start doing pick up right now

From today on, set your objective of picking-up 2 girls randomized. You can do a pickup on night game, day game, whatever, but make sure raise the difficulty level to the harder day by day. How discomfort you become, more likely you will make an innovate in your pick-up skill

One thing to remember, allow pick-up to be a serious part of your life, not setting up a “pick-up” button and switch on when necessary, INTEGRATE PICK UP WITH YOU RIGHT NOW


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