Sad truth about Women Hypergamy – Don’t be blue pilled more


If you want to improve your masculinity and stay at your highest Alpha Male territory. You have to “get in touch” with Red-pill right now. It’s will help you to realize how the world is running, and of course, in some case, it operates to a good side, but most of the time, it’s such. Opposite to red pill, this world is running in the ways of “Blue pilled”, which is a movement to empower elites and of course, they control a world.

Blue pill come from all source of mainstream media, from TV shows, MV, Your favorite movies. And one of the worst things is harmful to men is emasculation.

Men right now are not the courage to take up challenges, they most likely to be soft, intimidating and anxiety and very weak. They follow patterns which are written by feminism or Sjw to become whimp and destroy their attractive immediately right when they approach women or stay with her a long term.

To apply “red-pill” to your life, you must wipe out all of your Blue pilled beliefs and start fresh. One of the most interest concepts you have to learn first is women hypergamy – Which decided behavior and what women want the most base on their hormone and biology desire. This hypergamy can explain why women scream at you or throw you some tantrums, but sometimes be very happy and follow your order, although you act like you don’t care and don’t invest too much emotion on them.

Women only want to stay to high-value men and seek for it crazy like no tomorrow

Never apology to women

Don’t say “I love you” first


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