if she dumped you leave her alone


if you still confusing about this problems, my title is the only answer. Don’t try to get her back because if she decided to end your relationship actively. That’s strong signal that she already loose all her interested to you.

what you have to do instead of trying to get her back? of course you have to leave permanently, forget about her for at least six months. during this period of time, hangouts would be a good thing. maybe you can spend time learning new skills, be fit and raise your sex market value.

Achieve Outcome independent

OI always the lady killer stuff you have to achieve as soon as possible. Its not only raise your confidence to a next level, but make women crazy about you much more.

consider dating more with larger amount of women in the same time. use your business mindset in dating, eventually tracking your dating progress. see how efficiency you have got when set a dates, make a conversation with women.

and of course, due to larger amount of women you approach every single day. you never take any girl into account when something when wrong, or she just reject you for a bull shit whatever reason

Be prosperity, not scarcity

always pretend that you are in your best condition and sex market value. you can date whatever women you want. in the other hand, always pretend that you have 10 millions dollars and always available for you just for spending comfortable.

Meaning of the pretending is to help you on the stage and change your pattern of thinking drastically. you are no longer toxic and loser, but a truly alpha male who plays to win and aim directly to what you really want to become.

will she come back after 3 to 6 months

If you stay tuned, strong with your frame, and can pass through of a fear to losing her. She can come back after a period of time. But it’s not 100 sure, if you are needy, desperate and weak from the beginning. The odds she come back is extremely low.

So my answer still “leave her alone” and find someone better than her as an upgrade