How to stay isolated, focus and not giving a fuck?


As you can see, Living nowadays all of the distracting things always cause you to stress easily. It does not only affect your lifestyle, ways of thinking but also your focus and decisive. And the result of it, you’re now easily falling for what’s another thing, trying to gain other’s approval and completely lost.

This article will help you how to stay focus on your mission and don’t giving a fuck what others say

Find your true mission which suits to your code

to Craft your ideal mission base on your preference and personality. Like Caleb Jones mention in his book of Unchained man. You need to find a peaceful place, like a beach or something like that. Lying down comfortably in whatever chair and thinking about who you truly want to become, which lifestyle will make you become the happiest person in the world.

Remember, you cannot craft this mission if you’re on pressure or be forced to do so. Just relax, trying to understand yourself in the best condition, free your mind, creative more. And don’t craft your mission base on other’s demands or expectations.

For example, I truly want to become an alpha male with a strong characteristic inside, who can do whatever he wants with his life without other’s permission. He also succeeded in Digital Marketing and can live well, prosperity it.

Extract these missions into goals and daily checklist

Even if you craft the best mission, your progress hasn’t over yet. Dividing your mission into big goals which can be achieved for the next years. Then create sub-task to achieve these goals.

Be specific in dividing and calculate exactly what you have to do to achieve these big goals. When you have every subtask in hand, you can easily create routines for your success.

For example, I want to achieve a mission to become a Digital Marketing Specialist. I have to divide it into some big goals:

  • Website
  • PPC, Ads
  • Conversion optimization
  • Tech

About sub-task level, I also have to divide more:

  • Learning to Code for 1 hour each day
  • Learning PPC, optimize for clients
  • Learning UI, UX and create custom layouts(1 layout each day)

And then, One task you have to do is stay disciplined. It’s not an easy task so be prepared





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