How to develop pro active and grounded body language


It’s truly hard to be grounded and proactive in this modern world of distractions. So this post is written to help you achieve them.

Sharp your mind

If you haven’t got enough ball, you cannot stay in control all the time. Every obstacle in life likely to put you out of control.

But make sure you develop a habit to focus and detach yourself out of any circumstances.

Spend sometimes meditate, or sit down quietly, and think about your goals, intention, your mission, and your code. Don’t let external forces distract or affected

Let your body congruent with your mind

In order to make yourself more relevance and make sense. You need to synchronize your body and soul perfectly.

Make sure your emotion and expression congruent with your body. It isn’t only good for other people who listen to you, but better for you to clear your mind.

The power of silent

If you ‘re a fan of a godfather, notice Michael and Vito’s body language. They minimize words but to maximize power. Sometimes, the silent and it also creates a lot of meaning. When applying to reality, you can pause often, make yourself relax, choose better words before put it out of your mouth.

Be disciplined and consistent

One of the most important things to achieve proactively is consistent. It also requires discipline, stays on your lane, joins battle each day to maximize your performance.

If you want to know how to be more disciplined, read it here

Avoiding any redundancies

One key of being pro active is calculating for each action. Pretend that every actions will cost us energy, from this perspective, we have to adjust and use your energy reliable.

If you become pro active, you are not only save your energy to be more effective, but also your time


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