how to become a man: Definitive guide

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Become a man is really ambitious mission that every man wants and needs. Every prosperity life always wanna walk in this path. But actually, not many men can know exactly what to do. So in this post, I will show you exactly what you have to do to improve yourself to reach a full definition of men.

If you daring to challenge yourself, please follow this guide, you will be surprised about its positive effect. Let’s do it

Biology pillar

Learn how to improve your testosterone and optimal your manly hormone. Testosterone has a lot of benefits to improve your sexual, desire and strengthen your spirit. Moreover, it also raises your recovery abilities when you’ve got hurt or illness. Imagine having the ability to recover faster like Wolverine make yourself more powerful and testosterone doing the same(that’s exaggerative, hehe).

All you have to do is consume testosterone booster natural food(or nutrition booster if you research and find your trustworthy product), or doing activities which directly or indirectly affect your testosterone like cold-shower, walking in the sun…

Having an Alpha Male attitude in mind when doing anything

Most men don’t really “live to the moment”, they wasted time, losing focus on most of the necessary tasks. Invest in every second of your life, because you cannot get your time back.

In order to master your moment’s skill, you need to develop the Alpha Male Attitude¬†and becoming

  • Dominant and certainty
  • Outcome Independent
  • Truly honest with yourself, be authentic
  • Always stay calm, pro-active

Stay Fit to conquering

In order to master how to become a man, you have to have the ability to defend yourself. Moreover, you also need to improve your strength and stay fit all the time. It does not only boost your self-esteem but provides you enough energy to complete your goals faster.

Doing some exercises in this guide to master your bodybuilding process. These are not all, but very basic and essential to building your ideal body

Game a lot

“How to become a man” with me is a person who owns prosperity in both money, assets and women’s side. Because a true thing becomes abundance mentally not just helps us to live your ideal life, but this is a trait woman is crazy about.

You can watch this video below to know exactly why:


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