How to be the alpha male and driving women like crazy


Develop Confident

Foremost, In order to become Alpha Male, you should develop confident and high self-esteem as soon as possible. Why? Because a man doesn’t believe in himself cannot earn anything in life. You either always need approval by others to get permission to do something. Always uncertainty or asking a question like: “Is this Okay for me to behave like that” with full of worrying is a sign of lack of confidence.

Make sure you develop the right kind of confidence. This is quietly confident with grounded, full of control and dominant, ability to analyze and handle situation smoothly and certainty. It’s never an overwhelmed confidence, which leads to arrogance. A guy with right confident always know his value and believe in it, promote it without seeking approval. In contrary, arrogant is represent of trying to confident, fake behavior to cover up insecurity and lower self-esteem. Arrogance man tends to fall tremendously when facing failure because they always take it personality instead of being humiliated and learning from their mistake.

Once you can develop purist, natural confidence, you can stand up for yourself, conquer your fear easier, approach women without fear of rejection and earn everything you desire

Women always prefer a guy with reliable confident. They are positive, open-minded who always not hesitate to show up their advantages without being creepy or fake. You can learn more about how to develop your confidence here.

Conquer your Fear

You’re about to live the life of a warrior, not a worrier. Just conquer your fear and get out of your comfort zone. Encourage yourself instead of afraid to make a move. Rewrite your brain to think the difference, focus and aware every situation that you find yourself in. When you have an ability to reframe and think fear just like door emotion when you do something new, you are able to pass through whatever fears.

As I just mention, confidence is also built with fearless, try to overcome yourself every day. Make your fear of doing something new appear more frequently and pass through it enjoyable. Remember, everyone has their own fear and anxiety inside, our brain is configured like this, just let fear appear, but reframe yourself strong enough to not it affects you badly. Imagine fear just like a dagger with 2 edges, you can use it to hurt yourself, afraid, discourage or make it become your weapon to overcome yourself.

One thing to remember, think positive and take action instantly (planning or calculate always good, but with lower – risk and threat, it’s never a big deal). When you set your brain to the upside, your fear with full of negative risk and the threat will disappear like a cloud of smoke.  

I recommend you to get out of your comfort zone and conquer your fear from today on. Be proud of this whatever results. Before action, just relax, reframe yourself, avoid to think the negative outcome, literally don’t care about a result (Make sure you do something valuable and good for yourself and not harming others)

Live with purpose

The purpose is the most important factor of becoming Alpha Male, without goal and mission, your life just like racing car, strong, modernly, powerful but have nowhere to go. Each morning, wake up, frame your mission and to implement them no matter what.

For others who cannot analyze themselves to truly knowing which goals are. Just relax, take yourself out of what social have to say about you, whatever things you commit to a society, forget all of them, remember to take control of yourself 100%. Answer these questions:

  • What is the thing you crazy about?
  • Which you can talk, research endlessly without feeling miserable?
  • What is your passion, if at the moment you can move to the past, what is the most preferred path you will choose without hesitating?

When you can answer all of these questions above (forget a reality, just let your brain free to think, decide and set everything), please don’t waste any time to start do it right now. We are a warrior, we must be the one to decide our fate and nothing worse than live your life you don’t like.

No matter how much money you learn, how bad you need this job. Your time is limited, and you cannot turn back.

After getting your great purpose, let separate it to smaller task to complete, be serious about it. Set Daily, Weekly very specific and reliable and do it anyway. Be disciplined and consistency. No excuse, be toughness and one day you will gratitude to it.  

Follow a super healthy lifestyle

Stick with your Diet, avoid consume instant, fast food, alcohol, soft drinks frequently. Your performance in life literally 100% relate to the food you consume each day. If you eat toxic food too much, you will become fat with a high ratio of bad cholesterol, soft drink full of preservative will make your body more toxic and easy to become an illness. Consuming bad food in the long term eventually lead you to cancer, diabetes, or worse, cause your death.

Make commitment from today on to avoid all of the bad food and stick with healthy Diet is the best thing you can do to step away from mediocracy and truly become Alpha Male.

Visit your doctor frequently to understand which is good for you. Make a plan to develop your testosterone level – which is very important in men’s life, affect drastically to your performance and masculinity.

Always aware of the importance of not only the food you consume but also which “food” you feed your brain. Stay away from porn, masturbate, orgasm by your hand, not flesh women. Feeling excitement when seeing viral video, funny crap with literally no value.

Decide which “food” to feed your body and mind is your main goal from today on, it will become your advantage very soon.

Learn how to fight and defend himself

It’s okay to be a peace-loving guy who persuasive, mixing with confidence and humor, but you also need to learn how to fight. Why? because you’re living in a crazy, insane world and nothing always gonna be easy. Sometimes you have to deal with an urgent situation, someone who disrespects you, don’t care about what you say, just punch into your face directly.

To deal with this kind of a jerk, only fight back and defend yourself is the best way. You’re in the circumstance that you cannot use your confidence and humor to solve the conflict. When it happens, you need to well-prepared, that’s why learning martial art, Boxing or Muay Thai is useful here. Learn to respond to them, strengthen your mind and certainty, encourage you to fight back instead of being nice, be bullied and throw all of your values.

Become his own boss

As I mention above, in order to become Alpha Male, you have to find your life purpose, the meaning of your existence. When you clear about what you want, that’s mean no reasons to say that you will rely on someone to be a success. You must own your destiny, encourage yourself to be stronger and go through a path you passion with.

Become your own boss help you to own your time either. You can create schedules which suit to yourself, no need to show up on time, have more time to take care of your family. But remember, business is never gonna be easy, you need to set up and establish it. In the beginning, you have to work hard as hell, with full of passion and discipline, sometimes 14 hours per day is your record.

On the contrary, when you working for someone else’s company, the boss will hire you to do what he wants and you’re recruited to fulfill his ambition. To carry your boss burden and work for him throw all of your passion away. I don’t say that 100% your passion will be drawn, but at least sometimes you still have to do a thing not relate to your goals and mission. One day you will feel bored, sitting in front of a computer and work like hell to catch up your deadline, to be someone’s sword instead of standing up and just follow what you truly want to do.

Become your own boss will lead you to more challenges, threats and require from you more skills, but their rewards are very promising. You will become an expert, wealthy person, selector of whatever thing you decide. In order to become a positive and confident person, you also can choose a good person to work with, and simply weed out negative person.

Learn how to succeed with women

Alpha Male need to attract women like crazy, that’s why you need to improve Inner game (mindset, confident…) and master approaching girls. Finding some useful resources (tons of them on the Internet) and work on yourself. Make sure to develop natural, authentic instead of learning and apply these resources robotics. Create for yourself very strong fundamental with reliable self-acceptance and self-esteem, endlessly learning and apply to the reality frequently.

Learn how to approach a girl, find good resources, keep in mind and do it anyway. Conquer your fear and don’t care about outcome first. Break the ice with others and let yourself familiar with cold approaching first. Keep continue, raise difficult and you will see a result.

How to succeed with women also means dominant in the relationship. Control your frame and dating game to never go through drama, anger. Throw all of them away and only enjoy happy, satisfied when loving someone. Women are beautiful creatures who deserve to be loved, respected and satisfied, we never do an opposite but also never accept second class behavior from them. Always get ready to walk away when thing out of your control, falling for her and your personality will lose, trust me. Keep your abundance mindset, not scarcity as hell to always chasing just one girl.

Become selector, not a “selectee” in a relationship, treat yourself with hardcore self-improvement to be the best person with full of potentials you’re able to reach. Focus on yourself, not her, you don’t have to change yourself to serve her or to meet her requirement.

Pro-active and Dominant

Pro-active and dominant all the time, take care of each of your action and take full responsibility on them. If you make a wrong move, respond to it, learn a lesson from it and immediately try to let it never happen again. When someone talks to another negative thing about you, just simply ignore them. If they want to mess with you, defend yourself with your fists, no more anger, smoothly and focus. No more react and have behavior like anger, talk endlessly to demonstrate that you’re not kind of person like this, shout out with a red face and always ready to punch into their face. If you aim to become Alpha Male, taking control is a must.  

Dominant and remain control will help you to be conscious, brighten your brain with positive ideas and mindset. Taking control meaning you are not making mistake too easy. If you let your emotion decide, you simply make thing worse. Become realist person, view anything with truly they are without judgments. I don’t mean you should behave like cold-person or literally no emotions, but let your emotions become species to support you positively, not depend on them eventually when they turn to negative. Become the owner of your emotions instead of depending on emotions and destroy your frame dramatically.

Some useful tips are meditation and listening to affirmations to calm yourself down. Learnability to think carefully before doing something, eventually when you are in an urgent situation.

Good Physical and Fitness

In order to become an Alpha Male, you have to develop well physically. Participate in Gym, Calisthenic or learning boxing workout. Training more help you to strengthen your mind, improve sex drive, cardiovascular, good for bones and joints. Focus on both strength and endurance, Setting targets to run 3-5 km per day and lift minimum 150 lbs (deadlift or bench press)

Besides workout, you also have to groom yourself frequently. Trim your nail, cut your hair and bread. If you have the intention to feed your long hair or bread, make sure they need to be clean and their smell are good.

Getting good physical raise your chance to date more beautiful girls, improve your health and optimal body. In my opinion, Alpha Male have to own 6 packs and lean body, workout frequently to burn fat, raise testosterone and be more masculine. Don’t forget to take a cold shower, it also increases testosterone and develops your mainly even more.

Attractive Body Language and Face expression

Attractive body language is more than just about how you stand, it’s included how your eye contact, facial expression, posture. To be more detail, you also have to aware of how to stand, walk, sit down properly.

With me, personally, to master body language and face expression, you have to get a clear mindset and always know what exactly you want and present it congruent with what you think. Set everything clearly, grant yourself 100% control and dominant, that’s all.

Some tips to have better body language, you’re Alpha Male, that’s mean you have to become dominant and open, align your body language to it. Never depend or lying on a wall or furniture, stay alone and independent. Walk with center alignment, be calm and slow, easy and relax, one thing to keep in mind, don’t care about what others think of you. Just follow your flow, no more second thought.

Listening and willing to learn anytime

Follow 8/2 rule, listening much longer than talking, you’re here to listen, to empathy, to understand others deeply, not to showing how good you are. Listen and ask them interesting questions are much better than talk endlessly about yourself. Keep laser focus eye contact naturally, listen to know exactly what it happens.

Deep conversation is also a very useful technique. Use question which targets more on what other’s think and feel. Focus on things which motivated, inspired and especially their dream, not a dumb question like how old are you? or what’s your company?…

Using paraphrase technique is also effective. Simply share with the opposite person what’s you know about things which already been told. They will gratitude for your focus and more importance, you respect what they already said. Keep in mind, others person can sense your fake and not authentic instantly, so if you don’t want to hear, let them know instead of wasting time to do listening like that. Listening with full of curious or stop, don’t willing to listen to the thing you don’t want to hear.  

Do not try, be Alpha now

Why Trying Doesn’t Work? That’s mean you try to achieve something, sound like fake as hell, or you don’t believe in yourself enough to not simply just being, but try. That’s why I recommend you to avoid using “Try”

There No try, just be Alpha Male.


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