How to attract Younger Women: Definite guide 2019


An older guy who is not very good at attracting a younger woman is unaware they possess the character and traits woman find attractive in a man. Possess naturally through age such as:

  • Experience: a character which has substance and depth
  • Self-awareness
  • Composure and confidence

Why these traits drive younger women like crazy?

The older man who is good at attracting a younger woman is aware they have these characteristics and traits that woman are very naturally attracted to. Because of their awareness, they will automatically display a lot more high value. They don’t see age as a problem. They see it as a plus. They see the woman they are they are talking to is very fortunate to for having the opportunity to get involved with an older guy rather than a young guy who won’t have as much experience as him. Such as wisdom, confidence.

It might sound very arrogant and it is! But the older guy gets away with it. On a younger guy, it looks a bit cocky. On an older guy, it’s actually quite attractive. An older guy who is shy and unsure about himself is a sure turn-off, but an older guy who is slightly arrogant and they know they’ve got this kind of gift and they got something different from the younger guys around them. Its shined through and its an extremely attractive quality.

What’s the worst thing older guys need to avoid?

Things went wrong when the older guys try to act like the younger guys. So they start being goofy around girls intentionally. They might try to prove they have full knowledge of whatever current or popular culture. That might come a bit awkward. We all know the teacher that we all had that try to be cool with the kids; awkward and very unappealing. Many older guys try to do this, trying to be the young guy again that they used to be and it’s just not appealing.

Remember if you are an older guy. Your attitude should be: I have done that, been there, got that t-shirt, done it already, what’s new, come on impress me, tell me something I don’t know. That’s kind of attitude goes well with older guys. Don’t try to be the younger guy. Your game has evolved since its actually become a lot stronger! Embrace that!

Develop the right mindset when approaching a girl

The best technique in approaching attractive girls is understanding how their mind works. Human psychology governs every action you take and once you understand it’s like having the master key in Zelda you can unlock any door for any girls. So many guys aren’t sure how to approach beautiful girls, we all get it. You see a beautiful girl and you think “she’s too hot for me” and get nervous. The truth is the most girl are much better at hiding their anxiety, their nervousness is much less noticeable. Due to the Halo effect, guys automatically assume this girl is perfect in every way, and this can amplify any fear that guys have for approaching girls.

2 main types of younger women

These girls come in two main types, the first type is the one which made guys nervous, the attractive girl, she knows that she’s attractive. We all know this girl from high school, she’s an extremely attractive outgoing and popular blond girl that every other girl in the school wishes they could be. She has exactly what every guy on earth is looking, that’s why she’s very picky with the guy that she chooses. If you were to approach her and your game is weak, she probably turns you down instantly, just because she knows she gets many options.

The second type of attractive girl is the one who doesn’t know how beautiful she is for whatever reason. You probably see many of these girls every single day but without actually talking to them you’d never know they have self-image problems.  The second type of girl is just as flawless as the first type but the major difference that she just doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know she’s an 8 or a 9, she might think she’s 5 or 6.

How to attract younger women

Let’s take a dive into the mind of an attractive girl and see what we can learn that will make it 10 times easier for any guy to approach her. What so many guys don’t realize that these super attractive girls are just like everyone else. They’re only human. When a guy approaches a good looking girl, he probably thinks to himself damn she’s out of my league, just based on appearance, that’s his problem. What he doesn’t realize is these beautiful girls might be having the same negative thought but for different reasons. An average guy is nervous because of his appearance, an attractive girl might also be nervous. She experienced fear because she thinks that people will judge her based only on her beauty or stereotype. So many good looking girls have an infatuation with taking an Instagram picture while wearing eyeglasses that they don’t really wear. What they basically saying is “hey, I’m not just really attractive I’m also really smart so please don’t just focus on my appearance”.



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