How to appear confident like a badass


Hi there, Today we’re talking about 1 important characteristic to become Alpha Male. It’s Confident. How you can raise your inner game, natural confident without being crappy or completely fake?

This is a real challenge because, in present, social programming encourage us to think in a group, act in a group. Create rat-road and tell us what to do, what to follow. Something we called “authority” or “real you” is meaningless if it doesn’t add value to society. In social of Asia, groupthink eventually affects us more tremendously, it leads people easily with viral news, video, meaningless controversial.

How to develop your confidence inside and ignore every obstacles cause by social trending? This post will answer this question.

Do it first

You never become Alpha Male without facing challenges, pass through of your fear and insecurity. Everyone lives with their own fear, actually, our brain forces us to live in the comfort zone rather than do something challenges. Have you ever wanted to do a gym in the morning, but your brain become lazy, procrastinate and command your body either. This kind of thing is exactly what your brain to operate, to get out of any risk or thread.

But nowadays we live eventually safer than in the last 1000 years when we live with tigers, bears and try our best to survive. The present situation is much better than before. That means risks and threads are reduced significantly. For example, you want to approach a beautiful girl, the risk maybe is she hasn’t responded to you, not cause you to die or any harming situation.

So why we’re too fearful and not take action with a low-risk situation. Let’s do it, open conversation with someone you’re not comfortable with (higher-status people). Approach every beautiful girl without hesitation or thinking too much about the outcome. Never have an easy way, tip or trick to appear confident, you have to conquer your fear and rush through challenges in order to be stronger. Then confidence will appear itself.

Become a crazy fan of Self-Improvement

To appear confident, you should learn more, develop your body, focus on diet, change the mindset from negative to positive, listen to affirmation. Do all these things together, to get the best result, you have to do the best preparation. Each morning, get up rush to the gym, eat healthily and properly, meditating often to improve both physical and mental.

As I said from this post, you must develop a confident base on your humble. You’re the hard-worker and focus more on progress and goals, spurious and transparent. Never become arrogance which may cause you to lose all your confidence when you fail. Just hard work and humble, listening to whatever valuable information can help you to achieve your goals.

There’s no other way to develop confidence, let’s be your own worker and live with desire, passion.   

Develop your frame and Personal

To appear more confident, you should make yourself become more sophisticated. Otherwise, from today on, you have to respect yourself fairly, every thought, everything you said, must be selected and they’re truly valuable. When you respect all of the thing you create and take full responsibility on them, that’s mean you certain and dominant about them. As a result, your confidence will rise drastically.

Remember, you’re good or bad mostly depend on your decision. Don’t become a shadow, follower in life, you are only one be able to decide your life. Develop and control your frame and mindset, don’t seek approval, certain about yourself and never lose faith.

Understand when something wrong and to take control, be dominant, always set frame before doing something.

If you are social media and TV show addict, stop right there. Limit information you install to your brain always reviews this information. Does it add value to your life or in the flipside, take value to your life. Your frame and personal should be stronger enough to clearly look through everything without being affected or impacted.


So, in order to become confident, all you have to do is focus more on self-improvement, conquer your fear and state your frame every day. There is no other way better than man up and get your ass to work. The hard worker,


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