Why men should focus on strength, not weakness


Hello this is Alpha style and today I will answer a question:

“Why a man should focus on strength, not weakness”

Life is too short for you to take care of your weakness

As you can see, except for really passionate about something, you’ll not want to spend your valuable time with things you’ve done badly. Each person is born with personality and perks unique to others. And we only have limited time to complete several of them.

For example, if you perform the worst at sport, you may have some expertise in computer or science. Instead of trying to be better at sport, which can spend a lot of time for you to be better just a little bit, why not enhance your expertise, which can dramatically better in a short amount of time?

You need to have a specific self-improvement strategy instead of blindly choosing what you’re not good at, it’s a huge waste of time and your progress just very mediocre.

You will succeed with one or two mastery skill, not a bunch of useless

We live in just a competitive world, which is not easy to compete when you’re not good at something, but truly easy when you’re mastery in some areas.

Focus on your strength to becomes truly expert in a specific area, then make a profit from it by:

  • Provide a service, business base on it
  • Become a mentor, professional

And one more important thing, men better at focus on ONE thing, to master it and make it legendary. Use the definition of Deep work and disciplines, you can achieve whatever you want.

So I’m wrapping up here, if you have a question, please let me know in a comment section.





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