Male Attractiveness scale: Define exactly what you want to become


Attractiveness scale for men has recently been mentioned a lot around manosphere. So that’s the reason I spend some time to talk about it.

Please notice that this attractiveness scale is only applied to every man in general. If you enjoy other types of male and happy to become them, feel free to do it.

On the other hand, state an attractiveness scale also helpful for you to know exactly what you have to do in order to climb in this ladder. It will let you know what are the qualities and personality you lack. Re-planning your purpose so you know exactly which need to improve.  

1. Completely Ugly

Level 1 comes from 2 reasons:

First, they have serious defect or deformity on their body, this makes them look really bad, genuinely hurt to look at.

Secondary, becoming level 1 also cause by themselves. They are people with top scoring of 10 days without a shower, brushing teeth, complete lack of hygiene. Don’t follow properly Diet also cause them to be extremely overweight.

The solution for level 1-ers: If you got deformity and defect, it’s not your fault. There are exactly what you have to accept. Instead of giving up and live till rest of your life, stand-up and wipe all of those fucking curses. Saving your money, work hard as hell and do some cosmetic surgeon. Medical and healthcare are growing dramatically recently and you always have a chance.

If you, unfortunately, cannot fix these defect or only reduce less of them. don’t shun it. Use your weaknesses and turn it into strength, make your effort to shine eventually with them. Man up and do the best thing for your life without any regret. You can deal with your weaknesses by improving another aspect of it: Sense of humor

On the other hand, if you truly lack hygiene and proper diet. Move your ass to groom and focus more on dietary. You can find a lot of useful sources about them on the internet,

Become Level 1 and feel sorry for yourself without doing anything? That’s complete bullshit, drop your excuses and better start off right now.

2. Ugly a bit

One of the hardest categories to classify on this list. You probably are also a defect, but a little bit only. They also have some shining points in their body, but their personality still very bad and cover them all.

They still remain bad hygiene, grooming and disaster fashion style and also very negative and toxic. Everyone can accept to look at them, but cannot digest their negative personality of them.

A solution for level 2: Take good care about your hygiene and dietary, try your best to get rid of low-level defect or cover it perfectly. You’re not be cursed like level 1, feel fortunately with it. You also need to improve your personality to be more adaptable and positive. If you can solve with these problems, you can move to another level very soon.

3. Plain Ugly

Luckily for you, you don’t have any defect or deformity, you look exactly a normal person. But you still lack a lot of concentrate on appearance and grooming. Your personality is merely accepted, but you will not win another in the long-run because you still sometimes cannot control your emotion.

You also possess low self-esteem and introverted but still somewhat optimistically

A solution for level 3: Dress right, care more about your appearance, learn more about mindset and how to have better mentally. Improve your confidence and self-esteem is a must.

4. Fake it till make it

You have decent knowledge about fashion and how to look good, you eventually frequent with applying self-improvement tips & tricks to your life, but still on the surface level.

You will struggle to get dates in this category but because of always learning self-improvement, you usually think you’re somewhere in level 6 – 8.

One specular of level 4 is overconfidence, eventually arrogant. You pretend to be higher level on the surface to cover up your weakness inside. If anyone compliments them, they will feel high as hell, on the contrary, if someone throws rocks at them, your feeling plummet.

A solution for level 4: Nurturing your confidence but don’t forget to analyze yourself correctly. I like an “optimistically struggling” because at least you try. Find a way to control your emotion, make it static and don’t change like a roller-coaster. Self-improving continuously to achieve the next level

5. Average Chunk

At least you have a normal body without any deformity, your personality is somewhat acceptable. But you still in the side of a loser, play conservative, play to not lose and being chunk all the time.

BORING AS FUCK is the only words to describe level 5. And, unfortunately, most people fall into this category and of course, you’ve been faded very quickly. No one will remember an average chunk, eventually meet them more than one time.

To get out of boring level 5, you have to focus more on your mindset. Changing your behavior and each of your pattern of thinking. Not try, just being, Practice more to develop confidence and outcome independent to daring to step outside of your comfort zone and to be boldness

Restart your brain to think more about a win, become champion and winner, instead of being a loser trying to not lose.

6. Underrated Good Looking guy

When you’re in this level, congrats, you’re absolutely a good looking guy, but yourself still not perform the best to match this appearance. Something inside resists you to shine in the way your looks able to. You can easily win a good impression of women in the first time you meet her. But this aura will be worn out very soon. Your good looking and your personality not congruent enough to spark optimal attraction.

Somewhere inside, you still be very shy, low self-esteem and of course, not viewing yourself as an attractive person with literary good looking

Advice for level 6 fellas: improve your confidence eventually more, use affirmations, prosperity mindset to view yourself as an attractive man. In the other hand, don’t try to hide your strength and pretend to be humble. Control your mind to stop doing these, doing DHV(Demonstrate high value) instead. It will boost your confidence and of course, let anyone know you’re a real deal, not a good boy with a humble personality and easy to manipulate.

7. Approaching Chad Level

It’s always great to be part of a friend group that consists of mostly sevens. Sevens are barely good looking and really hot when it counts. Unlike level 6, the level 7 fellas can easily attractive girls, and luckily for them, in some scenarios, girls will likely to find excuses to talk to you.  

8. Almost model level

If you are in level 8, you absolutely possess an ideal level of attractiveness to date. You’re extremely good looking, a lot of girls will look at you and be like “Such a stunning, hot boy”

Women will much more likely to pick you up actively, more than you have to move your ass to do so. They will find chances to get to know you or give you very clearly hints to make you pick them up.

9. Model Level

People will instantly be drawn to your “confidence”. Girls may even consider cheating on their SO for you

10. Perfect tens

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It is almost uncomfortable how arousing it is to be in the presence of a ten. Like ones, tens are hard to come by but not hard to spot—they’ll stop you dead in your tracks. What’s the view like from up there in heaven? you wonder as they walk by. Ten is a sacred fucking number and if you call someone a ten who is clearly a 7.5 on a good day, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

So, there you go. If you don’t like the system, you can go back to commenting the word “STUNNING!!!” on every other online social media photo you see. But fuck fake friends, am I right?


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