Best Training to build Alpha Man Body


In order to become an Alpha Male, you should choose the best training to build an Alpha body. To reaching ideal shape, you need to stay to your weight base on BMI but also have to significantly reduce your fat ratio.

7-12% is an interval of ideal fat ratio, you should build big muscles first with heavy weight lifting. After your body can pass through some challenges, let’s reduce intensity a bit and focus more on burn fat and cardiovascular. In my experience, calisthenics and running are my recommendations.

I know mixing two kinds of workout can stress your muscle as hell. But calisthenic workouts are very good for growth muscle naturally and increasing your strength. Otherwise, running help you increase endurance and cardiovascular. Both of them help you always ready to fight and pass through obstacles in life. Set your reliable goals and workout timeline which suitable for you.

Below is a list of the best training exercises to build Alpha Man body.



Pushups and its variation are very good for building not only your chest muscles but the entire body. When you perform properly, it can develop multiple muscles group such as biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids.

Eventually, many fitness instructors encourage you to do a push up instead of bench press because of how similar both exercises have.  

Pushups using bodyweight which become a real challenge to you, especially when you perform long duration and it burns calorie like hell. Because its focus on multiple groups of muscle, meaning calorie burning ability is better than exercise which only focuses on 1 group. suggest us to do burpees, which combine push-up and squat jump into one intense. This exercise helps you to burn calorie even more.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge is an incredibly effective exercise to train most of your lower body. Don’t misunderstand about Lateral Lunge is target only your leg, actually, it also develops your abs and lowers back. Specifically, it targets some other groups of muscles like quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core.

An exercise helps you to improve your function of legs. It not only supports to grow your muscle in your lower body but helps you to strengthen your leg function and improve your daily movement naturally.

One more thing, perform lateral lunge frequently make you more stability and stretch your flexor hip muscle, as a result, you will have a well-alignment body without risk of back pain injuries. In general, Lateral Lunge help you to develop both flexibilities, natural movement, and your core-balance either.   


Looking for easy to perform but super effective exercise? Plank is right for you. It looks not so tired but doesn’t make it trick you, Plank target directly to your inner core and it truly a killer workout. Perform Plank help you to tightens your abs and make it stronger, it’s a possibility to perform Plank reliable and get “six-pack” belly look. Plank also help you more flexibility, it extend and stretch entire your body.

Otherwise, Plank force you to align your body well and support you to have a good posture. Other variation of Plank like side-plank or leg rise side plank also help you to balanced maintain your posture.

Training your body with Plank frequently help you to stand, sitting properly longer without tired or uncontrollable (It will affect your dominant and in control characteristic)


Squats help tighten and generate your muscles. It not only focuses on your leg only but affects all of your main group muscles. This is the most important exercise to improve your entire body.

Squats also reduce the risk of injury related to joint and bones. Because when you perform squats properly, you target on muscles the most, but it doesn’t mean your bones and joints haven’t been developed. Squats improve your flexibility and balance, it helps you to do a daily movement slightly, properly without harming of joint and bones.

Muscles have been developed and tighten when performing squats, it helps you sit, stand and walk more confident.

Squats and Deadlift are two most testosterone generating exercises. In order to more masculinity, please never abandon 2 of them.


Crunches are the most popular abs workout all over the world. It improves your abdominal muscles and helps support your movement in daily life. In order to become Alpha Male, crunches are must to burn calories and correct your posture without back pain injury.

However, this exercise only effective when you perform it properly, I suggest using traditional crunches and do it deliberately and correctly. But to build 6 pack abs, you also need to eat less sugar, more vegetables and stay away from toxic foods.


Pull-up is a very effective bodyweight exercise. This is the best exercise to build upper body, which seems like a foundation of human being power.

Pull-up is one method to increase height dramatically and effectively. Before performing it, remember to keep your body straight, when dropping down, make sure to straighten your arm either.


Running always add benefits in your cardiovascular, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your health. Otherwise, Running frequently help you to decrease Cholesterol, develop your lung function. Running in the morning can help you to burn more calorie and fat in order to reach your ideal body.  

For Alpha Male Lifestyle, you should run at least 3 kilometers each day to achieve these benefits.


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