Best Natural Sources to Increase Alpha male testosterone drastically


No wonder that testosterone is a source of power and masculine in men. With a high level of testosterone, your body will perform well with the full potential of its muscular form, strong bones, and energy flow through your body all the time. Otherwise, your mind will be sharper, confidence raise like skyrocketing and of course, you can live happier and more success.

Lady will most likely aware of your masculinity present and you will feel more self-reliant, center yourself out of society.

A list below is present some way to increase your Alpha Male testosterone naturally. it is also very actionable, you can read all of these sources and apply them to your life immediately. With your disciplines and consistency, you will soon realize your testosterone level and its own benefits  

Add more Fat to your meal

Some research shows that add more fat to your meal (both monounsaturated and saturated) can boost your testosterone level significantly. According to the bodybuilding website, Monou saturated fat can found in Olive Oil, peanut butter, avocados, and almonds, Saturated fat contains in Red meat, coconut oil, dark chocolate, cheese.

So that’s mean from today on, don’t forget to add more Fat to your meal. Not enough amount of them can lower your testosterone and you will sooner suffer its negative effect.

Nowadays we can understand exactly what kind of fat we should consume. That’s mean no more association between heart disease and elevated cholesterol when we obtain fats. Just add to your meals these foods above to increase fat and testosterone, absolutely simple.  

Cold Shower

According to anabolic blog, when you take a shower, cold shower makes your ball stay and goes higher. Contrary, hot shower keep your ball smaller. It doesn’t make sense with anything related to the size of balls, but that’s mean your balls try itself to escape the heat.

Some research mention that your testis performs at their best in temperature of 31 – 36 °C (87-96 °F). Hotter than that can impact negatively to testosterone and testis function.

T levels also are impacted positively when you pass through a feeling of winning a competition or reach out of your comfort zone and challenges. That’s why stand behind cold water can help you to achieve an uncomfortable feeling and raise your T levels.

Going out frequently

In order to increase your testosterone level, you have to optimize your vitamin D. Vitamin D can obtain more when going out frequently. Let sunshine affect to your skin reliable, going out frequently, perform training and workout near sunshine.

So to increase testosterone step by step, you have to going out frequently, then your amount of vitamin D will raise and finally your T hormone will increase either.

Reduce and Limit sugar from your Diet

Bad Diet and high sugar can decrease your testosterone level drastically. Reduce fast food, preserve food and soft drink. Only eat fresh, clean, healthy foods with a lower amount of sugar.

Because if you consume a lot of sugar, your body will releasing hormone insulin. Insulin will balance the amount of sugar in your blood. Produce more insulin means affect directly to testosterone and reduce it significantly.

So, stay out of the unhealthy diet, make a commitment to eat only low-sugar food. With your T levels rise like skyrocketing, you can develop more muscle without overwhelming training.

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