Alpha Male Morning Routine – The Best way to achieve success


Hi fella, today I will share to you a secret to achieve massive success in life and of course, follow the alpha male route.

As I already knew, morning is the right timing to boost your life performance. If you start your day with lazy mental and not well-prepare, it’s very easy to ruin your day. On the contrary, if your morning routine is badass, focus on goals and tasks, you will enjoy your day eventually more.

Here is my alpha male morning routine, which I follow every single day, it is designed to make me feel good, focus on my goals and life activities and also boost my testosterone.

Task 1: Alpha Male Morning Routine’s person needs to get up early

Early morning always the best timing for your successful day. Ideally, you have to wake up at 5:30, but you can postpone at six.

Task 2: Eat some good supplement

Base on the man diet by Chad Howse, you can eat ginseng(bottle) or garlic powder supplement to raise your testosterone(Correct me if I’m not sure)

Task 3: Exercise

You can begin to do push up, pull-up at home or if you don’t have the equipment, go to a local park. Meet up some fellas with the same hobby: calisthenic. I’m very sure you will learn something useful.

The second choice is, like me, go to the gym center. I strictly follow a workout schedule. They only take 1 hour from me but with my discipline, they help me to boost my muscles very efficiently.

My schedule:

  • Day 1: Chest + Triceps
  • Day 2: Back + Biceps
  • Day 3: Shoulder + Abs
  • Day 4: Leg

All of this workout routine included stretching and abs warm-up at the beginning

Task 4: Drink Whey and supplements after workout

You can take pre-workout whey or supplement but I do not recommend do that. I want everything must be natural and reliable amount.

Task 5: meditation and goals reminded

As an alpha male, you always need to state clearly which are your goals, mission and what motivate yourself.

Spend about 5 – 15 minutes to mediate also a good way to make your soul peacefully. Then review your goal and make sure which you will focus the most.

With a small amount of time like “one day”, you have to make your goals simple or separate them into mini tasks.

Caleb jones also mentions on his unchained man book interesting concepts about time management: E3D and checklist method.

E3D let you follow timeline strictly but checklist method also focus more on which tasks you have to do

Have a good breakfast

You can not Do Anything without energy. Eat wisely, put more protein and fat(equal ratio) and limited the amount of carb. Because consuming carb too much this morning will cause sleepy and tired.

Have a cup of coffee

Coffee is an easy and efficient way to boost your testosterone level. Have one of them in the morning is a very good routine, trust me.

Chad Howse also mentioned in this man diet book about how many coffees you can drink in one day. I don’t remember clearly but it bases on your weight for sure.


Below are some tasks you have to complete in order to buy a perfect morning routine. Why wait for another time, let apply these right tomorrow


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