4 Alpha Male Attitudes Every men should Have


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As you know, attitude is the most important factor in deciding how successful you are. In order to become toughness, strong to face every challenge in life, you have to choose the right attitudes. If something goes wrong and you shout out, self-destruct and keeping an attitude of negative, you will end up nothing. On the contrary, If you handle an issue constructiveness, keeping a calm and good attitude, you can simply go over all obstacles in life.

Below is the list of valuable attitudes men should have in order to have an Alpha Male Attitude

Dominant and Certainty

Keeping your attitude dominantly is the first thing you should do. It’s not forcing everyone to follow you, but state frame, your way of thinking and consistency follow your rules. If you always dominant about most of the decisions relate to yourself, people will tend to follow without forcing to do so.

Dominant also means control, you keep an eye on everything and never be affected by the opinion of others. You become a real one, get out of “Groupthink” disease.

That’s why Alpha male with a dominant attitude usually attract women like crazy. They just enjoy their own personality and follow their own way, never seeking of approval or “impression score” from anyone.

Alpha Male always certainty and ensure every thought in his mind and feel no doubt about them.  Just like dominant, his intention always has its own place and cannot be changed except he decides to do so.

Alpha Male not affected by the opinion of others, it’s true. But it’s not the same as conservative, he always seeking valuable opinions, which truly constructive and good for him and others. He listening most of these ideas, but he is only one decides his will.

A Man can Laugh at Himself

A real man is about always positive and has a good sense of humor, especially when everything goes wrong. Remaining positive help you to focus your energy and mindset to the upside, which brightens your mind with possibility. A sense of humor also good for men, it makes a bad situation become easier

Alpha Male with a good sense of humor is able to laugh at himself. He sometimes makes a mistake, but it never affects his performance and passion, that’s because he can laugh at himself meaning how humble and positive he is.

Humor plays a big role in attraction and an alpha male can make people around him laugh. The thing is however, he isn’t trying to be the funniest guy around. The key to attracting women is having a positive attitude in life and knowing how to be

One more important thing, being the funniest guy in this room will help him to aware of positive thing out there, keep him relax and entertain all the time.

Being humble is the best way to develop confidence, this is an interesting concept I’ve learned from Chad Howse. His blog guides us to have truly Alpha Male Attitude with toughness, hard work, self-discipline and passion that cannot be beaten. He taught us to use humble as a core of confident to help us always stand straight when we fail. It encourages you to keep moving forward without feeling arrogant at one specific point of success.

Being Authentic

What’s making you value in life? It’s to live with full of yours, your thinking, potential, personality. Nowadays not too many people can live with it. Trickery or manipulation can raise your value but in short-term only, they will make you tired of covering up.

Some guy I know pretend to be Alpha with the loudest voice, bully others, or can talk endlessly about how good he is. But you know, if something does not belong to yours, it will fake as hell. I eventually can sense how insecurity they are when trying to be someone, that’s not nice at all.

Be authentic make you shine with all of the things inside yourself. Your action, what you think, what you decide to do reflect your personality. This thing different from staying in your comfort zone, you always need to outreach and conquer your fear. But remember to stay with your heart and core-value, these will make you proud of.

Everyone always has their own weakness and fear, disadvantages in life. In other words, nobody perfect. The alpha man knows that, and his goal is not ceasing to be the perfect creature. But follow to reach his authentic, integrity man who can totally free.

Alpha male attitude with Composure and Pro-active

The famous PUA person, Matt Cross give me an interesting technique to avoid negative comments out there. This technique is “ICE”, we do not react like an immature man when we heard these. Instead, we stay pro-active and respond. To have an Alpha Male Attitude, you have to keep your temper and stay calmly, no matter how the situations are.

Just composure, relax, keep your own tension. Then analyze which is the best way to respond, it’s will be better than wasting energy with shout out or anger.


Alpha Male attitude is simple? No, it must take plenty of time to practice, training and stay disciplined. I recommend you should here Alpha Male Affirmations, Meditating to keep your mind strong enough. Another thing needs to develop is to improve your physical and fitness to give you more energy. With energy and the strong mindset, you will meet all of the requirements to master all of the attitudes above.


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