How to use affirmation to become Alpha Male


Become Alpha Male nowadays is a super-hard mission, especially when you always be brainwashed by Social programming. Men emasculation culture is become popular and turn into a big deal. To get out of this trend is a challenge every man must facing in order to reach your authentic, integrity Alpha Male.

As you know human brain operating is divided into 2 aspects. One is a conscious mind, which forces us to do a thing and we grant full – control of it. For example, You decide to do something, do a thing you know that’s right for you. The conscious mind is what you fully aware and simply command your action base on it.

Another aspect is the sub-conscious mind, which bases on your habit and your mindset. The sub-conscious mind is not easy to control, It can lead you to success if you have a positive mindset or habit, On the contrary, it can lead you to a destructive lifestyle if you negative.

So Affirmations designed for Alpha Male will provide to you with plenty of positive sources and brainwashed your sub-conscious mind. These affirmations will suggest to your ideal image of Alpha Male, which characteristic Alpha Male need to have and encourage you to follow these.

In this article, I will show you what are the benefits of using positive affirmations to help your path to become Alpha Male become more easier.

Affirmations Alpha Male Unlock your potential

If your concern about “Have you already reaching your limit or not?”, you’re truly a person want to explore yourself. Actually, we always facing limitation in life, that’s may come from our cultures, social programming, or simply is our parent. They suggest and create an average road to follow, very few of them encourage you to get tough, be brave, and live with a truly big mission and goals.

In contrary, Affirmations do an opposite, it encourages you to feel powerful, stronger, better, the bad-ass guy who realize their fear but do their own best to conquer it. So that’s mean affirmations will open you up to a new possible way of thinking and Unlock your limitation gradually.

Once more thing is, Affirmations give you tons of focus energy and grounded you, especially when meditating. It has the same effect as meditation, but support you more to generate creativity, blessing you with a good, positive thing. You can feel yourself can possibly do everything with more focus, centered and be yours.

Replace Negative belief with Positive Instead

If you are nervous, insecure guy who rests of the world cannot cure, that’s mean you filled in your mind full set of negative belief and disappointed. In order to man-up, you must replace all of the negative thought, down-side thinking, self-pity when everything goes wrong.

Affirmations can give you shifting from Negative beliefs to Positive. For example, you want to approach a beautiful girl but with fears of rejection in mind, I bet you never get a good result. But if you got all of the Alpha Male affirmations and strong belief about yourself, change a mindset from “Wait for her approve” to “Give her chance to get to know me”. In this case, your communication skill, touching, verbal and body language become perfectly congruent and attractive as hell.

This benefit not only supports you mentally but physically either. Some research is found out that muscles will be developed better when we change our mindset from negative to positive. In this positive feeling, we feel healthier, be ready to face every challenges and super-active. In the other hand, if we are poison by negative thoughts, They will make you suffer weakness feeling mental. As a result, it just a matter of time before your physical illness comes to see you.

Affirmations are flexible and up to your decision

You can choose whatever programming you believe it works. With our mission to become Alpha male and live our badass life. We still got a thousand of Affirmations can use. With me, personally, recommend the program which suggests you to success in 3 main aspects: money, dating and physical, to be a real man you must develop 3 of them as an ideally equal. The Flexibility of Affirmations come from programming and time of performing it. Truly, they’re up to you, you can choose to hear short-length programs or literally overnight programs and when you feel free.

But to have the best result, you should discipline and commitment. Gradually make it become a habit and focus on it to make it easier to fill into your sub-conscious mind.

Some Alpha Male Affirmations I’ve used

Below is the list of Affirmations that I have recently used, they are very good and valuable. I’ve experienced and these improvements are wonderful, you don’t have to wonder about how they work.

Just follow them in their description to see best recommend.

If you want to be deeper into the sub-conscious mind, just try a longer version which length of 3 hours continuously. It will affect and adjust your Alpha Male mindset even better

Below is also one of the best affirmation on the internet. It has an appropriate length and suitable for your sleep


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