The Best Alpha Male Guide: Focus on real value

Hi guy, Thanks for following my website for a long time, actually, at the beginning, I want to create a site and only place ads on this web just to earn some money. But today I realize something I have to change it ASAP. It’s creating real value instead of earning value. It’s also the Best Alpha Male Guide for you to change your mindset from today on.

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Reality is much more different

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You know that we nowadays living in a crazy insane world. Fake news, porn, fake behavior appear just like nothing matter. Eventually, mainstream society also indoctrinates you and push you to follow a crowd, to use their products, to follow their trend. Money loses its value day by day and you can fuck with yourself much more enough if you entrust whatever bank to transfer money to them. You also can suffer low-value life experiences, services, products only have their image or inspiring advertisements instead of having a good quality.

I live in a country that advertisement bombard all of my possible channels. From banner, billboard…to Online Ads, PR content or viral video with tons of advertising inside. Actually, I don’t hate advertisement at all because it’s source of income for most of the people out there. But if they keep continuing to give us spammy, low-value messages, it’s a problem.

Why you have to create real value first

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Living in this crazy, insane world and survive healthily is very hard, but not possible. You have to create for yourself counter-intuitive mindset just to realize what is good for you. Creating your frame and never limiting your belief is the only way to survive. With the decreasing of money in general, you have to demonstrate that you worth eventually much more money so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Best Alpha Male Guide: Focus 100% on creating Real Value

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Focus on creating real value instead of spending value is a key to solve all of your issues in life. Creating real value means to focus on each second, minute of your life to make it beautiful and know exactly what’s for? For example, when communicating with someone, what is the real value? Make your speech concise, strong voice tone and certainty, deliver your mindset and all of your emotion, focus on this conversation 100%.  Using your right-brand function to show real you without thinking of any nonsense situation, and one thing more important is giving value without expectation of something in return. As I said from the beginning, focus on creating real value first, show all of your best and put it on a table, just don’t care other, they approved or not, don’t really matter this time.

When approaching a beautiful girl, a real value is authentic, trustworthy attitude. You have to demonstrate that you confident enough to approach a girl with real you, not using any tips or trick just to manipulate her and create embarrassing for both sides. Your body language congruent with what you said and with your intention of exploring a girl, not to take off her pants quickly.

When comes to work, the real value is 100% focus on working. Showing value to customers, why your business worth. What are benefits customers will collect when doing business with you? You need to work hard just to demonstrate that. No more stupid promotion, overly advertise and instead, focus 100% of your effort to the quality of products and services. Focus on creating real value help you surpass the inflation, losing the value of money.

For Artist or Designing, start to creative instead of simply copy an existed template from the internet. Using your point of view, your clue to do anything. Make your design more “you”. Arrange a frame, create your color, you can research from the internet for better ideas. But make sure that the main theme of your design belongs to your style.


It’s time for all of us to take action and do everything only we can do. We are independent and of course are main actors of our life. Just ignore every crazy shit out there that not make sense. Focus on improving quality of your life, create value with full of your style instead of depending on existing value out there and fade away. Living with honor, proud as we are the men is the best Alpha Male guide.

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