3 True Main Aspect Men should focus to become Alpha Male

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It’s just a long time since the last post I’ve published. We can meet again in this article

To be honest, the true purpose of this site is only sharing what I know about Alpha Male. Yes, I want to transform myself into Alpha Male badly

That’s the reason why I keep learning, researching in order to reach this goal

And let me tell you…

This kind of transformation will not stop, you need to develop it in your entire lives.

You’re going to step to the Alpha Male road till die.

So, how many aspects you must focus on in order to go further on this road?

I can tell you 3 aspects are: Business, Women, Fitness


We don’t need to be muscular, steroid guy(except it’s what you want badly) to achieve this aspect. Only staying in shape is good enough, have an ideally fat percent. Exercise daily, you can choose between martial art, boxing or gym…

Guess I don’t need to show you exactly what kind of exercises you should do. A little research on the Internet and give you tons of useful information.

And one more stuff you need to solve as soon as possible is set a proper diet and nutrition. In order to become Alpha Male, you should choose a diet to boost your T-level. Because having optimal, healthy T-level help you to achieve another aspect quickly.

In this infographic – you will see benefits of testosterone. If you want to dig deeper to testosterone, Click here

And what I mean here, Fitness is not only about physical, but mental. You need to develop a good mindset to stay motivated all the time. Meditating also is a good way to sharpen your mind. Have a fit mental means stay focus, strong and firmly with every decision you made.


Perhaps, I don’t need to talk more about business. It’s fucking important to our lives, you need to earn more to raise your living standard. Not to be scarcity and boring lifestyle because you only afford like this.

Each day, wake up, find more opportunities, work harder, invest smarter. Just follow the Business path with intention of only rest, not quit. Build your business on multiple sources of income

Be hustle, make a plan and stay committed to doing it anyway. When anything goes wrong, you need to stop and determine this one is work or not.

Remember the 8/2 rule, you need to work smarter, decide what is good and effective. Make sure 2 of your work-hard can receive 8 of the business positive result.

Women and Dating

I’ve watched Matt Cross(PUA) video about the 2 main thing men crazy to care about. The 2 of them are money and women. This video inspires a lot about an importance of women and men’s lives.

If you cannot seduce, attract and let some girl to notice you. I don’t mention in a situation that’s you don’t like women. Actually, most of the men like women, it’s our natural desire.

And what happens if you cannot follow what you like or you can do nothing. Day by day, you just stay in your comfort zone and don’t take any action to bring this girl to your life.

Eventually for a guy who already married, what happens if you cannot remain attracted to your wife. Let her throw tantrum to you, walk beside her and keep talking boring thing.

So, for a married guy, stay good at women and dating is the best way to keep your wife attracted to you. One more thing is to raise your ability to get other hotter girl. And trust me, when you know you can attract a girl, your wife will find you really interesting and of course, worry about losing you.


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