Why you should remove your bookshelf, Use Amazon Kindle Instead

Follow the Alpha path, you have to read a ton of books, be open, and widen your knowledge. You also need to have a clean and minimal lifestyle, which doesn’t make you feel complicated.


Let me ask you a question

Have you ever struggle with cleaning, tidying your bookshelf?

Let me guess, this is very boring and time-consuming thing you have to do.

Become Alpha Male means you need to stay disciplined and hustle, nothing luxury more than cleaning your bookshelf and make sure every book are in their own places.

Your time is scarcity because you have so many tasks to do, especially when you want to earn multiple incomes. Why you don’t make your reading much more simple.

Be Smart, don’t mess and complicated

When you got enough space to think and act, you can feel freer, everything is simple and easy. For example, if you have E-reader instead of a bookshelf, you can stay in touch with a ton of books anytime, anywhere.

You can buy it by click on this link (of course I will earn some :D)

You eventually don’t have to come home, drop many books to a ground just to find a book you want to read. Imagine when you finish your book searching, how long you have to spend to reorder them.

What’s a mess

So, if you minimal your reading process is only about search your book online. You can optimize your time and lead your life to be much smarter. When you do exactly what you want, purity, without any non-necessary like cleaning and reorder.

Cost-saving when compare to paperwork

When switching from paperwork to E-reader, you can save a ton of money. Except you crazy about books and pages made by papers, or books design.

If you want to keep in memory some meaningful books, that’s ok.

But if you spend a lot of them, it will be a problem, you only buy it to obtain knowledge and nothing worse than waste money to store them.

In amazon kindle e reader, you eventually are able to download free-ebook (with paperwork, they will charge you).

With financial benefit, Purchase for Kindle E-reader is the best investment you can do right now

Support Foreign User

When using Kindle E reader, you can use the function of auto-translate or describe specifically words in order to help you read better.

Imagine when reading a paperwork book, then type google/translate to understand, why you have to be complicated. Everything will be integrated and you will get whatever meaning by the only touch.

All is about convenient, to be Alpha, be pro-active. Don’t stress your mind with thing that’s not effective

Don’t forget to learn something new, but take it easy and playful. Never struggle with any unnecessary thing.

Be Minimalist

kindle e reader

Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom.

When you have a fewer thing to possess, you detach yourself from the worry of buying more.

And one more important thing…

Minimalism helps you to get out of the trappings of the consumer culture. When every product is promoted and advertised, push you to follow it. Eventually brainwashed you each day, manipulate you to think what is cool, not cool…

In the end, you become a puppet and easy to follow this culture. Eventually, you are not sure you need it or not.

It’s not your personality

You’re not decision maker this time.

Being minimalist, you should remove your bookshelf with a ton of book and replace it with only 1 device, which can satisfy all of your reading demand Amazon Kindle E reader

Follow your diet plan, business goals, feed your mind with high-value information. Don’t waste money on thing not worth or not-reliable for you.

Be minimalist, live simple and grounded

Buy Kindle E-Reader now

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