Why you have to earn income frome multiple sources

Let’s find out why you have to earn income from multiple sources instead of relying on only one. Become hustle in this world rather on struggling financially is exactly what you aim to do.  Below are some reasons why you have to do it anyway.

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Economy is very unstable in the present

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Economy nowadays is very chaotic. Money lost its value day by day and power of creating more money only belong to minority people. That’s mean they can manipulate the economy and the rest of the world struggling with it day by day.

Diversifying your income, think positively and take action are must to protect yourself and family about unstable of the economy. Make more cashflows, variety your income, don’t just rely on 1 income, especially your 9-5 job

Your additional income should be active, passive or combination of two. If you got enough capital to invest in passive income when the money you spend automatically work for you, so let’s do it now. Set-up a store, hire staff, apply management to make a system to operate well and earn money from it.

On the other hand, if you cannot invest larger about of money, just stick with active investment. Write your own book, sell your own products, create dropship stores or authority site like this. Active investment only requires a minimum of cost to operate, but you have to build it yourself. It never gonna be easy, but keep doing it, research more, find someone who does a same way and success to get advice.



“The key to wealth and happiness in today’s world is to create multiple streams of income using diverse business models and combinations of passive and active income in areas where your passions and talents can be most thoroughly engaged.”
– Jimmy DeMesa, MD, MBA

Do mediocracy 9-5 job won’t work

If you got a job of your dream and you simply follow it without any doubt, it will be good to you. But if you join to time-consuming, draining 9-5 job which you don’t have any passion, it’s time to say goodbye.

Actually, for our millennial generation, freedom 55 isn’t enough. We expect more than working 44 years continuously and retire with “Freedom”. How about your time when you’re younger and always ready to do everything. We want to get paid according to the quality of work, not quantified by hours. We want to experience our life to the fullest right now, not when we are an old-poor man.

Most of the companies right now hire 9-5 jobs. In my country, staff usually lazy and come to work enough time just to earn money at the end of the month. Eventually, when a company doesn’t have any important tasks, they also need to show up and got nothing to do. What the fuck is happening in their lifetime this moment, they can’t go visit their family, doing their own favorite tasks outside or just live for themselves. That’s why 9-5 job suck, this suck big time.

Focus on creating value, don’t just sit here with boredom and kill your golden time, be actively and hustle.



A lot of opportunities are waiting for you

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According to Forbes, you have at least 44 distinctive ways to make money, which can examine here.

I recommend you just focus on making more passive income rather than active income. In present, I have already set up several dropship stores and 1 authority site – like this. In the future, I’m also planning to create my youtube channels to provide contents about Alpha Male either.

Of course, when you divide your focus into multiple tasks of the day, you will feel exhausted sometimes. But to follow Alpha Male lifestyle, you have to follow your passion and work hard.

Sharpen your Alpha Male Attitude and take action right now!


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